Barry Williams Tells "The Story"
by Kristin Johanson
Read Kristin's review of "Growing Up Brady" the live presentation by Barry Williams that is currently touring college campuses around the country. Also see our link below to find out how Barry Williams can come to your school.
First Meeting of Barry Williams
by Wendy Winans
Read Wendy's description of when she met Mr. and Mrs. Barry Williams at Brentano's bookstore.
Meeting Barry Williams
by Nate
Read Nate's story about how Barry Williams lost his luggage and still managed to have the cheerful Brady attitude for his fans.
Saw Barry Again
by Wendy Winans
Read and share Wendy's excitment of seeing and talking with Barry Williams.
Barry Returns to KSU
by Bob Thomas
Check out what KSU's Flash magazine and Bob had to say about Barry's visit at Kent State Univeristy.
A Four Year Olds Dream
by Diane
Share this precious story about how Barry made a little girls dream come true.
I met Barry Williams at the store
by Stephanie
Stephanie shares her excitement of meeting Barry Williams.
Me & Barry
by Rena Corcoran
Rena has her dream come true of meeting Barry (even gets a kiss).
Meeting Barry
by Aimee
Aimee met Barry at the Meadowlands and heard him sing.
My first "grown up" kiss
by Lisa
Lisa saw Barry in 'Grease' in 1979 and after the show got her first 'grown up' kiss from Barry, himself.
In Upper Sandusky
by Cathy
Cathy saw Barry in concert.
Barry Williams in Hammonton, NJ
by Newell Branin, Jr.
Newell took his daughter to see Barry in the Hammonton parade. Share the story.
Barry Williams in Altoon, PA
by Lysa Grant
A dream fulfilled.