Welcome to the Thiry-Seventh Round of Brady World Trivia.
Session 13 of 13.
This Contest will run from October 2 - April 8, 2017, with 13 sessions. Prize for this Contest to be announced at a later time. Everyone who plays at least 7 sessions will be entered in a drawing to win a Brady Bunch puzzle.

Rules regarding eligibility for prizes. If you won a grand prize in the previous two rounds you cannot win a grand prize in this contest. However, you are eligible for the consolation drawing. Additionally, if you play all 13 sessions you will have two chances in the consolation drawing instead of just one related to playing at least 7 sessions.

We continue to recognize younger fans, and will continue to have two levels of prizes, the one who gets the highest score from the under 14 age group will win a prize as well as the overall high score.

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April 9, 2017

All questions are multiple choice. To view your score, check the weekly score-board at the end of each session. Or write to us following your submission. Only one entry per person will be accepted, PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT ONE ENTRY. The score boards will be updated at the beginning of the next session.
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  • Which of the Bradys was allergic to cherries?
    • Jan
    • Peter
    • Bobby
  • What 'Kelly Kid' did Todd Lookinland play?
    • Matthew
    • Dwayne
    • Steve
  • When Oliver arrived, what mishap occurred with Greg?
    • spilled ketchup
    • broke guitar
    • sprained ankle
  • In Confessions, Confessions what did Mike and Carol buy for Peter for his camping trip?
    • sleeping bag
    • tent
    • lantern
  • When Peter did his magic act, what type of performance was before his at the audition?
    • saxaphone player
    • accordian player
    • dancer
  • When Cindy has her play-date with Tommy Jamison, what dessert does Alice make?
    • banana splits
    • strawberry shortcake
    • chocolate cake
  • What was the name of the hotel clerk when the Bradys went on their honeymoon?
    • Mr. Foster
    • Mr. Pringle
    • Mr. Taylor
  • What was the name of Professor Whitehead's statue friend in the Hawaii episodes?
    • George
    • Henry
    • Oliver
  • In "The Brady Braves" episode, the Indian chief gives each Brady member a Indian name. Which name was given to Marcia?
    • Wandering Blossom
    • Yellow Flower with Many Petals
    • Willow Dancing in Wind
  • In Brady 500 what event took place during Bobby and Tracy's wedding?
    • it rained
    • someone choked on food
    • a baby was born
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