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  • How did Mike figure out that the anniversary portrait wasn't the original?
  • When Bobby accidentally locked him and Greg in Sam's meat locker, why had Bobby gone to the shop?
  • When the boys went to the Tiki Caves, what did they use to make a trail?
  • When Greg works for Mike's architectual firm, what printing company does he deliver the plans to?
  • In A Clubhouse is not a Home what did Mike and Carol disagree about in their room?
  • In Snow White and the 7 Bradys who played Bashful?
  • When Bobby was dreaming of winning all his trophies, what baseball team did he play for?
  • What is the Brady's address?
  • In Hawaii, who almost had a wall-hanging fall on them?
  • In The Brady Brides what was the name of Ms. Fritzinger's brother?