The weeks of July 9th - July 22nd

Who did Greg run against for Student Body President?	Marcia
Which Brady fell while climbing a tree?			Bobby
When Cindy tattled on Peter about his guppies, what 
did Peter use to strain them?				Salt Shaker
Who sent the Brady's a totem pole?			Aunt Martha
When Marcia lost her role as Juliet, what part
 did she play?						Lady Capulet
In "A Camping We Will Go" who used an air mattress?	Alice
What type of product was Alice's jingle contest for?	Fabric Softner
In "Click" which cheerleader was Greg taking
 pictures of?						Linette
What was the name of Buddy Hinton's father?		Ralph
In 'The Bradys' which Brady got into a car accident?	Bobby

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