The weeks of March 12th - March 25th

Who had ice dumped on them at the wedding (Pilot Episode)?		Mrs. Feldman
In the episode where Bobby was going to run away, Cindy had
 a bullfrog she wanted to turn into a Prince.  What was the
 bullfrog's name?							Henry
What TV Station filmed the presentation to Mike for
 'Father of the Year'?							KTRY
Who scored higher on the written portion of the Driver's License Test?	Marcia
What dance was Alice suspose to go to when she sprained her ankle?	Meatcutter's Ball
What dentist did Marcia have a crush on?				Dr. Vogel
Who hired Greg to be the new 'Johnny Bravo'?				Tami Cutler
What was the name of Coolidge High's Mascot?				Raquel
What Air Force Base did Mike call to report the U.F.O. siting?		Carter AFB
In the 1990's "The Bradys" what was the name of Bobby's wife?		Tracy Wagner

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