The weeks of May 7th - May 20th

Which Brady was the first to find Tiger when he ran away?	Peter
Who gave Jan the locket?					Alice
What was the name of the boy that Marcia went steady
 with, that liked bugs?						Harvey Klinger
What was the name of the mouse that Greg had a school
 project with?							Myron
Which teacher awarded the prize for the best Essay Contest
 in which Jan thought she had won?				Mrs. Watson
Who played Aunt Jenny?						Imogene Coca
What was the name of the host on the Amateur television
 show where the kids sang 'Keep On'?				Mr. Stern
Which cheerleader did Greg date when he was head judge?		Jennifer Nichols
Who did Bobby save from the falling ladder?			Peter
In "A Very Brady Christmas, what was the name of Mike's
 client that had the building collapse?				Mr. Roberts

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