The weeks of Jan 28th-Feb 10th

What year did the Brady Bunch first air?		1969
Which of the Brady kids had their tonsils out?		Cindy
Which teacher was Snow White and the
 Seven Dwarfs put on for?				Mrs. Whitfield
How much money did the boys find while playing
 football?						$1100
Which of the Brady boys joined Marcia's
 Sunflower Girls?					Peter
When Marcia gets braces, who does Alice get to
 ask Marcia out?					Eddie
Who did Marcia have her first date with?		Alan
Who was the first to work at Haskell's Ice
 Cream Parlour?						Marcia
Who came up with the idea to be bellboys to sneak
 into Davy Jones' hotel room?				Sam
In 'The Bradys' what was the last name of the man
 Carol was engaged to before meeting Mike Brady?	O'Malley


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