The weeks of Sep 3rd - Sep 16th

In 'Vote for Brady' what was the name of Greg's campaign
 manager that wanted to make up lies about Marcia?		Rusty
Who did Mike and Carol ask to take Marcia to the dance
 when Alan canceled?						Harold
What was Carol's father's name?					Henry
In 'The Babysitters' which Brady kid spent the whole
 evening on the phone?						Jan
When Peter broke mom's favorite vase, what piece of
 camping gear did they buy him?					lantern
In ' The Fender Bender' what did Mike use to startle
 Mr. Duggan in court?						briefcase
Who told the Bradys about the ancient Hawaiian tiki curse?	Mr. Hanalei
When Alice left the Bradys, what diner did she work in?		Golden Spoon
Who sees Bobby and Millicent kissing?				Cindy
In 'The Bradys' who choked on an hors d'oeuvres?		Peter

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