(Cynthia "Cindy" Martin Brady)

Susan Olsen was brought into the world on August 14, 1961. She is the third of a family of four, has two brothers; younger brother Larry, Christopher, who is 14 years older, and sister Diane, who is three years older.

Susan's first role was in a fabric softener commercial. This led to appearances on The Pat Boone Show, Ironside (1968), Julia, and in 1969 the Elvis Presley movie, The Trouble With Girls.

At seven years old, Susan charmed Sherwood Schwartz by telling him "she was on an episode of Gunsmoke when the horse got frightened by a snake." Susan with her blonde hair and (at the time) cute lisp, won Schwartz over. Schwartz says, "Susan was easiest to cast." Susan's mother heard from the agent and told Susan she was the first one picked for the Brady Cast.

During the run of the show, each of the cast members had a counter-gender sibling. Susan and TV brother, (Bobby) Michael Lookinland, were the first two to pair up "romantically". TV sisters, Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb helped the young couple stage a pseudo-wedding. The relationship would only last a few seasons as Michael's adolescent interests would turn toward Eve in the later years.

Susan had stated she had no idea how popular the show and the actors had become until they filmed a Brady Bunch episode at King's Island in Ohio. Fans would follow them around because they had no security. Susan has commented, "It was a very lousy feeling as she is a very private person."

Audiences have warmed up to The Brady Bunch, sensing the chemistry of the six kids. Susan remembers how, "even the guest stars sensed the warmth on the set and didn't want to leave."

In 1972, the Bradys ventured into singing, cutting records and touring in live concerts. It was around this time that the politics started happening among the cast and producers of the show as the Brady kids began to feel they should gain a little more for their musical ambitions. Also, as Cindy/Susan got older, Susan felt that her character was not evolving and that scripts that were cute and adorable at 8 years old, were inappropriate at 11 or 12 years old.

The Brady Bunch eventually got canceled in the mid 70's, when the kids were outgrowing their teen years. Susan went on to participate in all of the Brady reunions except A Very Brady Christmas (1988). At the time of filming she was on her honeymoon with her first husband, Steve. The marriage would only last 2 years before they were divorced. Susan remarried and had her first child in 1996.

Susan has no regrets on her days as a Brady and left acting by choice during the 1980's. Susan claimed she was "frustrated with the mold Hollywood had of her" (not being able to get acting jobs because of her Cindy persona). Christopher Knight, (Peter) also made the choice to leave the acting arena (but that's another story).

Susan has kept busy over the years as a Graphic Designer, having a line of glow-in-the-dark Converse shoes back in the 1980's. She had a rock'n roll band for awhile and was a radio DJ in Los Angels. Most recently she has been an active spokesperson for migraine awareness, appearing on talk shows such as "Larry King Live". Susan also was an online DJ for the radio site Comedy World. However after her initial contract, she decided to leave the show to raise her adorable son, Michael. She participates in Brady reunions/documentaries and keeps in close contact with her television family. Although Susan is now all grown up, we can still see her as Cindy Brady (youngest one in curls) nearly every day on Nick-at-Nite.

As Susan once said, "There are only FIVE other people in the world who will know what the experience is like, being a Brady kid." Our best to Susan Olsen in all her endeavors and future career and family plans.