I Talked to Susan Olsen on the Phone
By Frank

It was the summer of 1994 and Radio station 98PXY in Rochester New York was doing a celebrity opening of a new club and they had Susan Olsen on the morning show because she was in town to do the opening. I was fast asleep when the phone rang. The voice on the other end said," Hi, This is Scotty from the morning show and we have someone special who wants to talk to you." I thought it was one of my friends because he would call me and pretend to be a Dj and tell me I won a prize. So I lauged and told him it was a funny joke. He didn't know what I was talking about. Then he told me to hang on. Then a female voice came on the phone and said in a sexy way,"Hi, What are you wearing" I was like "WhaT" Then the DJ said, "Hey, do you know who this is" I said no. She gave me a hint and asked me about my Brady Obbession. I then realized who she was. I freaked out. They all started laughing. I still didn't beleive them so I turned on my radio and sure enough it was true. They joked with me for awhile and then gave me a bunch of prizes. It turned out that one of my college friends called them and told them how much of a Brady Fan I was and asked them to call me and harass me. So, of course I called every person I knew and told them what happened. It was a great day in the life of a Brady Fan.