I Worked with Susan Olsen
By Christie Locascio

I worked with Susan Olsen at Real Radio 97.1/KLSX-FM in Los Angeles when she co-hosted a radio talk show with Ken Ober from August 1,1995 until Spring 1996, and I must say this; she is one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Susan is very genuine and down to earth and really easy to talk to. Sometimes we would go outside the building to take cigarette breaks together and what many of you may not know is that she can easily be crowned The Queen of Pop Culture Trivia .

It is just amazing what this girl knows! Not real easy to stump her. She must have a photographic memory or something because she is just a cornucopia of knowledge. I thought I was pretty good at stuff like that but she left me in her dust.

Neither of us are at the radio station anymore and I know she must be very busy with her new baby. She was really nice to me and I am glad I got to know her a little.