Meeting Cindy!
By Lee Richey

It was the summer of 1994, and a local radio station was holding there annual "Summer Jam". It was a day long event with various bands and personalities popping up on stage. This years hostess was none other than Susan Olsen.

My wife and I both grew up on The Brady Bunch so we were pretty excited to get to see her in person, but our 4 year old son had recently discovered the show by watching some of our tapes,..over and over again. He was ecstatic to say the least!

The day of the show came and we arrived early. Susan, however wasn't scheduled until later in the day. This was an outside event, so I kept my eyes open for Limousines arriving. Sure enough, while everyone else was watching the stage, I saw a Limo pull up and out got Susan! As she walked to the trailer area, we asked her for an autograph and talked with her a minute. She was very sincere, and appreciative. I asked her how she felt about the Brady Bunch CD that had just come out. She said she wasn't crazy about it but, it was "ok". She talked to my son Christopher and called him "a little cutie" which made his day! She then gave him an autograph that says' "To Christopher, it was great meeting you, have a wonderful life!, Love Susan Olsen, "Cindy".

When it was time for her to come out on stage, she was great, goofing around with the D-J's, etc. She seems to be a genuinely nice person, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.