Meeting Eve
By Stuart Duffy

It has bee suggested that I no longer keep the story to myself of how I came to meet Jan Brady herself...Eve Plumb.

It was the summer of 1977 in New Orleans where I live and she was in town along with other stars from then-new NBC shows to promote them. Back then the network liked to send out a calvacade of stars to promote the new season, and Eve was promoting her new show, "Little Women--The Series". It took palce at a hotel in the French Quarter. I didn't drive back then so I depended on public transportation. It was summer and I was running late.

I wasn't sure I would get there in time so once I got downtown, I ran my tail off to the hotel. When I got there, I was a sweaty smelly mess. A great time to meet an icon!

She and the others were still having their press conference but it broke up shortly. She was one of five or six stars there, including Marcia Strassman, who I think was promoting a TV movie. I had recently read that Eve was quoted in a magazine as saying, when asked why she didn't take part in the Brady Bunch Variety Hour, which was on at the time, "I don't want to be a 35 year-old Jan Brady". This was rather strange considering she wasn't even 25 yet. But I wanted to ask her about this comment.

My big moment came! I was surprised that she looked a bit older in real life. But she approached me and I asked her about this comment. I was shaking like an earthquake. I asked her why she said what she did and she said "Because I don't!" Before I could get her to elaborate, she was gone.

I felt bad that I approached the situation the way I did. But I really didn't know any better. But that is my story and I'm sticking to it!