Maureen McCormick/Reflections
By Murray

I was fortunate enough to meet Maureen in Minneapolis at the book signing and get a picture taken with her, making my way down from Ontario, Canada. I have mixed feelings of being very pleased that I'd finally met her after first wanting to 35 years ago, and that I was able to share some thoughts to her about her book, and also of deep sadness over the incredible difficulties, pain and emptiness she has experienced over many years. It has really jarred me since I've returned as I've perused more through the book, and listened to more interviews.

Her accounts have given me a lot of cause to reflect on my own experiences, some of which have general similarities, and to see her in a totally new, broader perspective. It is sobering to take in the stories that are so emotionally wrenching, but also liberating in that it has been good for her as a release, and liberating as a fan in that I now have a strong picture of who Maureen is, and where she has come from.