It's Like Today..Only Later
My Visit to See Florence Henderson
At later Today

By Cindy Dingwall
(May 24, 2000)

On May 24, 2000 Kristin Johanson and I attended a taping of "Later Today." It was great fun seeing Florence, Jodi and Asha live. Kristin and I waited in the Green Room prior to the taping. Both Asha and Florence came in before the show to greet us.

Highlights included men's shaving and a cooking segment. After the show we were able to stay and watch Florence, Jodi and Asha tape the promos for Friday's show. Jodi taped an additional segment, one with actress Christine Lahti that was shown a couple of weeks later.

Florence visited with Kristin and me during commercial breaks. After the taping, all three hosts greeted the audience, signed autographs, posed for pictures and answered questions.

I had an extra special reason for visiting Florence. She has been my favorite performer for almost 40 years. I have met her several times before, and we have kept in touch with each other. I dedicated my newest book, BIBLE BANQUETS WITH KIDS (Abingdon Press 2000) to her. She was very surprised and pleased. She knew I was coming to see the show, but I decided to keep the book a secret until I presented it to her after the show.

Florence poses for a picture with Cindy Dingwall and Kristin Johanson after Later Today (to left)

At the conclusion of the show, Jodi announced that they would be taping outdoors on Friday. I wandered over to Rockefeller Plaza early Friday morning, and sure enough they were setting up for Later Today. They taped in several locations. The studio audience was seated down below where they did the swimsuit show and cooking segments.

I was able to watch the opening segment with Jodi, Asha and Florence.
Florence's gardening segment was informative and interesting to watch.

If you plan to go to NYC try to attend a taping of Later Today. It's great fun!