Meeting Florence Henderson
By Crystal Barnette

On April 17, 1998 I met Florence "Carol Brady" Henderson. I met her at Roswell,Georgia at Wall-Mart. Ms. Henderson was going to be there from 4:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon. My mom told me about it the day before. She asked if I was intersted in meeting her, I said yes! Ms. Henderson did not get there until right at 4:00.

My mom, stepdad and I got to Wall-Mart, we were in the parking lot and my mom said she's here and pointed to a black limo in front. I walked in the front doors when she did. Ms. Henderson had her picture made with Wall-Mart employees and Fox 97 people first. I was the first fan that she talked to. She asked me my name and autographed my two original Brady Bunch Teen Beat and Super Star Special from the 70s. The I got her to autograph my two Brady Bunch Books.

Ms. Henderson is just like Carol Brady sweet, kind, and friendly. Ms. Henderson is gorgeous!! She is more beautiful now than when she was in the Brady Bunch. She asked me if I wanted my picture taken with her and I said yes. She stood up and held my hand. My parents took 1 picture of us and 7 or 8 more of her autographing my Brady items. She is beautiful and like I said before just like Carol Brady kind, sweet, friendly, beautiful, and goregous.