The Time I Met Ann B. Davis
By Lori

The moment I saw the flyer announcing the fact that Ann B. Davis was going to be signing her new book, "Alice's Cookbook", I KNEW I was going to be there even if I had to call out sick at work to do so! There was no way on earth I was going to miss a chance of a lifetime meeting "Alice", and, luckily, my boss was understanding enough to let me have the day off to go--thank goodness!

My friend, Risa, and I got to the mall early to be able to be first in line. We should have known that Bradymania was big here in Omaha and should have gotten there even earlier. I had on my Brady Bunch t-shirt (the one that has the music and lyrics to the theme of the show) and got a few jealous stares from others waiting in line with us! I brought along my Polaroid instant camera--I wasn't going to take a chance of my pictures not coming out after I had them developed using a 35mm camera--and I wasn't too sure if Ann would actually let me take a picture of her or not, but just in case...Finally it was my turn to get my book autographed--

I was so nervous! Ann is so sweet! She is alot shorter than I thought she would be, but looks just a great as she did on the Brady Bunch filmed almost 20 years ago, although her hair is a little grayer. She allowed Risa to take a picture with me and her, and me to do the same thing for Risa. I was really pleasantly surprised on how fan-loving she is because I've heard some stories about other celebrities and their book signings and how they don't interact with their fans--kind of like doing something you don't want to do and just getting it overwith as fast a possible. I took my picture of her and me and taped it inside of my copy of her book--it's definitely one of the first inanimate objects I grab if a fire brakes out in my house!