Scott (Mike) Robertson

What was it like to be on The Brady Bunch?

It was fun, but it mostly involved studying my homework with the tutor when we were not shooting. I remember the braces very well because they were stored in something that tasted bad. They clipped on my teeth and came on and off easily. I wanted to keep them as a souvenir but the prop master didn't let me. I remember the cast being very friendly and I remember Florence Henderson singing between takes -- which was beautiful! In the last scene when Alan takes Marcia's arm, I messed it up because I really didn't know which way her arm was supposed to go. The director liked it and then we did it that way on purpose.

Prior to your appearance were you a fan of the show?

I had never seen the show. They did ask me at the audition if I had seen the Brady Bunch and I had to say "no." Luckily it didn't matter.

What, if any, effect did the appearance have on your career over the years? Are you still associated with or recognized from being on the show?

I didn't continue as an actor, and I stopped soon after the Brady Bunch because of circumstances at home. If I had continued, I'm sure it would have helped. My students used to recognize me all the time and ask me about it in class. They still bring it up occassionally, but they are less sure if they are right! The last time I was recognized in public was about 10 years ago by a waiter at a restaurant. Now I get a lot of "you look familiar" comments and, when people find out, they recognize me after the fact (especially Brady fans). I'd like to say that it's because I have a moustache (and sometimes a beard) now, but it's more likely that I am just so much older!

What are you currently doing professionally?

I teach at a University in the Information Science and Technology area. I also do research in an area called "human-computer interaction." I recently moved to the East Coast and I am thinking of starting acting again (if I do, then we'll see if the Brady Bunch has a positive influence still).

Anything you would like to add?

For a long time I played down my TV past, but lately I've gotten more comfortable with it. In fact, now I appreciate very much the interest that people have in it. This is especially true for the Brady Bunch, which has become such a major part of popular cultural history. I feel lucky to have been on the show, especially to have had the Alan Anthony role. I'm glad that people like the character so much!