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Many Brady Fans have always wondered who the lady in the picture is. This scene comes from The Honeymoon episode. Bobby and Mike are discussing the boys' biological mother, the first Mrs. Brady.

Who was the first Mrs. Brady? Through some research we have learned from Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of the show, that the picture is of an actress who died in the 1960's, around the time the first episode was filmed. However, he does not remember her name.

We throw the challenge out to visitors of Brady World to discover who the mystery lady is. The person who correctly identifies her and we can confirm the validity of claim will win a prize. The prize will be $100.

When you think you have solved the mystery, please write to Wendy@bradyworld.com with the name of the woman in the picture, along with an explanation and proof of your claim.

(Photo provided by
Annette Raper Hoffamn)