In an entirely new installment of the cult feature franchise, the blissfully ignorant Bradys are propelled into the national spotlight as America's First Family.

When Bobby finds a lost lottery ticket worth $67 million, Mike decides that the only "Brady" thing to do is try and return it to its rightful owner. Mike's honesty is rewarded by an unscrupulous incumbent President of the US, who needs to add an ethical Vice Presidential candidate to his ticket. When the President is ousted by a seamy scandal, Mike suddenly finds himself taking the Oath of Office and moving his family from their split-level ranch house to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Once in power, Mike and his new Vice President (and First Lady) Carol Brady are faced with the awesome responsibilities of leading the Free World, warding off the nefarious plotting of an evil House Speaker who wants the Presidency for himself, and planning a slumber party for Marcia and 20 of her friends. The kids also adjust to life in the White House: Greg falls hard for a hot intern, Jan is haunted by the disembodied voice of Abraham Lincoln, and Cindy learns that she shouldn't "tattle" on her family to reporters.

In an earth-shattering climax, President Brady must guide all mankind through its worst hour of darkness when he announces that a gigantic asteroid is about to smash into the earth and forever obliterate all life, as we know it. Will Mike be able to save the world from ultimate destruction? Will the Brady family survive, hidden away in the White House bomb shelter? Watch and find outů

Joining SHELLY LONG and GARY COLE in the new TV movie are CHAD DORECK as Greg, BLAKE FOSTER as Peter, (Interview) MAX MORROW as Bobby, AUTUMN REESER as Marcia, (Interview) ASHLEY DRANE as Jan, (Interview) SOFIA VASSILIEVA as Cindy and TANNIS BURNETT as Alice the housekeeper.

Executive Producers:Sherwood Schwartz & Lloyd Schwartz
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Director:Neil Israel
Writers:Lloyd Schwartz & Hope Juber
Production Company:Paramount Television
Airdate:November 29 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT)

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© 2005 Brady World

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