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Executive Producers:Sherwood Schwartz & Lloyd Schwartz
Director:Peter Baldwin
Writers:Sherwood Schwartz & Lloyd Schwartz
Music:Laurence Juber
New cast:Jennifer Runyon (as Cindy Brady)
Jerry Houser (as Wally Logan)
Ron Kuhlman (as Philip Covington III)
Caryn Richman (as Nora Brady)
Carol Huston (as Valerie)
Jaclyn Berstein (as Jessica Logan)
G.W. Lee (as Mickey Logan)
Zachary Bostrom (as Kevin Brady)

A VERY BRADY CHRISTMAS - Original Airdate: December 18, 1988
  Synopsis Written by Chot106497@aol.com

Just when you think that The Brady Bunch reunions are over, think again! Mike and Carol and the bunch are back in "A Very Brady Christmas".

First, Mike and Carol are both planning different surprise vacations for each other. Then upon finding out, they decide instead to spend the money for airline tickets to bring the kids and their famlies home for the holidays. However, things aren't so rosy with the rest of the family and they don't speak up for fear of spoiling the others' holidays.

Wally, Marcia's husband, finds out that he has been fired from Tyler Toys. Jan and Phillip are having marital problems and Phillip is moving out. Sam has walked out on Alice. Greg is disappointed that he will be spending Christmas without his wife, Nora, who has a tradition of spending the holiday with her family. Peter can't decide on a commitment to his girlfriend. Cindy, is tired of being treated like a child and being told what to do. Finally, Bobby has dropped out of graduate school and is racing cars.

As the family gathers, the siblings talk among themselves and the grandchildren let secrets slip, all on the way to resolving the different problems each Brady faces.

In the end, Mike is called away to an emergency at a construction site, he is trapped while trying to save two security guards. The family gathers at the scene praying and using their love for strength. As the family begins to sing "O Come All Ye Faithful", Mike finds the strength and power to free himself from the wreckage, reuniting everyone safely.

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