Executive Producers:Sid & Marty Krofft
Producers:Lee Miller and Jerry McPhie
Directors:Art Fisher & Jack Regas
Musical Directors:George Wyle
Arrangements:Sid Feller & Van Alexander
Costume Designer:Peter Menefee
Featuring:The Kroffette Dancers & the Water Follies
Robyn Blythe, Susan Buckner, Darine Klega, Lynn Latham
Charkie Phillips, Judy Susman, Chris Wallace, Linda Hoxit
Michele Adler, Michelle Horowitz, Laura Steele
Substitute cast:Geri Reischle (as Jan)

THE PILOT - November 28, 1976
  Guests: Donny & Marie Osmond & Tony Randall

Review by Coolio Von Trapp:
The very first show or pilot, called The Brady Bunch Variety Hour (then changed to BB Show). Guests were Donny and Marie and Tony Randell. Ann B. Davis, The Krofft Dancers and The Water Follies (some drug induced looking sketch with Carol falling out of a window and these people with clown make-up rescuing her filmed partly under water) also joined in the festivities. Songs included The Bunch singing "Baby Face" and "Love to Love you baby" melody. Next song was "One".

Donny and Marie, singing along with the bunch "Splish Splash". Greg sang "Corner of the sky". Carol sang "Anything for Love" and "Memories". Then in the Grand Disco-Sequin Finale, Songs included. "I'm in heaven" by Carol and Mike. "Dance with me" by Carol and kids. "The Hustle" by all. "Shake your Booty" by all, Jan has a solo (Everybody, get on the floor, and dance.....), and this is where Alice comes out. They all get down and funky. And they even do the bump as the crowd cheers and the dancing girls come out. Then the end Carol sings a couple of bars of memories, and the rest hum WAY out of tune, they say goodnight, turn around and wave.

I think this show was cool in its own right. Ain't nothing better than dancing bradys!!!!

EPISODE #1 - January 23, 1977 7pm EST
  Guests: Farrah Fawcett-Majors and Lee Majors, Rip Taylor, Kaptain Kool and the Kongs
  • "Yankee Doodel-Dandy" and medly by the Bradys;
  • "Razzle-Dazzle" by Kaptain Kool,
  • "Send in the Clowns" by Florence Henderson.
EPISODE #2 - February 27, 1977 7pm EST
  Guests: Milton Berle, Larry Larson, Tina Turner and Collette the Puppette.
  • "Rubber Band Man" by Tina Turner,
  • "Evergreen" by Florence Henderson,
  • "Sing" by Chris Knight and Collete.
EPISODE #3 - March 4, 1977 9pm EST
  Guests: Vincent Price, H.R. PufNStuff puppets and Kiki Bird
  • "Traces", "All by Myself" by Florence Henderson and Barry Williams
  • "Time in a Bottle" by Maureen McCormick

Storyline: Greg leaves the Brady's new beachfront home to move into his own apartment.

EPISODE #4 - March 21, 1977
  Guests: Charo and the Hudson Brothers
EPISODE #5 - March 28, 1977
  Guests: Edgar Bergen, Rich Little and Melanie
EPISODE #6 - April 4, 1977, 8pm
  Guests: Redd Foxx, Robert Hegyes and the Ohio Players
  • "Fire" by the Ohio Players
  • "How Lucky Can You Get" by Florence Henderson
EPISODE #7 - April 25, 1977, 8pm
  Guests: Rick Dees and the "What's Happening!!" kids (Ernest Thomas, Haywood Nelson, Fred Barry, and Danielle Spencer).
  • "Dis-Gorilla" by Rick Dees "Thank God I'm A Country Girl" by Ann B. Davis
EPISODE #8 - May 25, 1977, 8pm
  Guests: Paul Williams, Lynn Anderson and Rip Taylor
  • "The Right Time of the Night" by Lynn Anderson
  • "Born to Say Goodbye" by Florence Henderson

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