Brady News

  • Christopher Knight is currently in South Carolina filming the movie "The Ivy League Farmer". This movie is slated to come out in 2015.
    • Statement from Christopher Knight relate to the movie: "The film was written and produced by Mark Miller from the band 'Sawyer Brown'. It's a coming of age love story surrounding and about family farming. I play the vet and principally carry the "farm" message. The movie was financed by a consortium of farming interests looking to get a farm friendly message out to Americans, to counter all the anti-animal protein, anti-GMO, anti-fertilizer and anti-big Agra sentiment exposed by a vocal minority. Farmers feed us and are taking hits in the market of public opinion. The movie is an attempt to re-connect the public with the modern truths of farming. It's not a documentary, but uses family farming as a key component of the plot. The movie won't make it to theatrical release, but DVD and TV only."
  • Interview with Florence Henderson by KRVS Radio - Interview
  • Great article about Barry and his life in Branson.
  • It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ann B. Davis (1926-2014) following a fall yesterday. To share your condolences, please visit us at Facebook to share your condolences. (More Details)
  • In an article at, Susan discusses her acting class for kids (Full Article)
  • Ben Starr, who was a writer for The Brady Bunch passed away. (Read Obituary)