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  • TVLand is selling BLAST FROM THE PAST, the first game of its kind where you match wits with 20 stars from America's favorite classic TV shows, including, Get Smart, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Gilligan's Island, Star Trek, The Monkees, I Dream of Jeannie, The Brady Bunch (Florence Henderson), Taxi, Leave it to Beaver, Happy Days, Charlie's Angels, Laugh In and M*A*S*H. The TV celebrities appear live on video and ask challenging questions about their TV shows in a very entertaining and comical way. In addition, the stars reveal exciting behind the scenes trivia. Win an exclusive VIP backstage pass to watch a revealing and personal interview with the star of your choice. This same celebrity roots for you during the entire game. Trivia questions cover the classic TV shows of the 50's, 60's, and 70's. BLAST FROM THE PAST combines live video clips of the stars with fast paced game play and exciting graphics to make the ultimate TV trivia game.
  • Be on the look out for Chris Knight in a rap video by Bad Azz. The video features Snoop Dogg's girl group Doggy's Angels. Chris is seen lounging on a couch during the hang-over period of a huge party while wearing a blue bandana. A caption at the bottom of the screen reads "Peter Brady: Dogg House Ridha." (Quote from Chris Knight regarding this video and how he got involved: "A friend of mine was the producer. It's an inside joke destroyed by the gratuitous caption. What was to be subtle is .... NOT!")
  • Florence Henderson will be honored by The Mrs. America Pageant with the first-ever Woman of Spirit Award during the pageant's live telecast Saturday, Oct. 13, 2001
  • In the September issue of InStyle Magazine appear several pictures of the Brady Bunch cast. Availabe for sale on August 24th.
    Relative pages are p. 366 where a photo of Chris and Maureen appear. The caption reads:
    From 1969 to 1974 Maureen McCormick had pubescent Brady Bunch fans dreaming of 'Marcia, Marcia, Marcia' - and their parents considering microminis wholesome teen attire.
    Also, p. 334, part of an aritcle called TV's Best by Isaac Mizrahi - 3 photos appear with the article:
    The only question to ask about Carol Brady is, Why do I love her so much? I hated everything she represented. She seemed like such a drone, like a Stepford Wife. I wanted to slap her and scream, 'Get A Life!' Ger shag hair drove me insane. And those clothes - full maxiskirts and paisley pantsuits. No one should were hear-to-toe paisley. No one! But in sptie of it all, I love Carol Brady. And its's all because of the brillance of Florence Henderson. She made the character so endearing. I mean, she adopted three kids on top of the three she already had. Who would do such a thing? It was such a fantasy - this overextended family pretending to be happy and well adjusted - and I really think that's why people watched it.
  • Growing Up Brady - the Movie, will be reairing on NBC, Saturday, September 15, 2001. Time to be announced.
  • Gilligan's Island--The Musical!, written by Lloyd and Sherwood Schwartz, musical score by Hope and Laurence Juber, opens this Thursday at the Performing Arts Center in Thousand Oaks and will run for 3 weeks.
    Official Website
  • In the July/August issue of The American Girl a look-a-like contest was featured. Maureen was one of the actresses they focused on. A girl by the name of Jenna Anderson, age 10 from California, won. She looks like a young Maureen with braces. Pictures of both Maureen with braces and Jenna are shown.
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  • A new website related to Maureen's new movie Jane White is Sick and Twisted. (Photos, information and more...)
  • Olivia Hack (Cindy from the Brady Bunch Movies) is now a regular on Lifetime's Any Day Now. She is portraying Mary Elizabeth as a teenager starting high school (Annie Potts plays the adult ME).
  • Jennifer Elise Cox (Jan from the Brady Bunch Movies) is starring at the La Jolla Playhouse in the new play Be Aggressive. Tickets are $19-$42. For reservations, call (858) 550-1010. La Jolla Playhouse is on the web at (More Details).
  • New Collector Brady Bunch Lunchbox. Watch for it on
  • In TV Guide (7/14-7/20) an article about "pop-up" Bradys appear. It says the "pop-ups" will contain trivia about the events, props, and characters in the episodes. That to get the trivia, someone interviewed the cast members (except Eve and Ann).
  • Though they did not win, we have just learned that Kaitlin Cullum (Jan) and Kaley Cuoco (Marcia) received nominations for Best Young Actress/Performance in a Miniseries/Made-For-TV Film at the 99/00 YoungStar Awards for their roles in Growing Up Brady.
  • Maureen has just finished taping a segment of the FX show "Test". Test is a survey from a celebrity panel discussing truths about morality, sex, greed and other touchy topics. (More Details to come on airdate).
  • This past weekend, Florence did a segment on Weekend Today regarding step-grandparenting. The segment included interviews with a step-mother and her stepson and an interview with grandparenting expert Arthur Kornhaber, during which Florence showed a picture of her own step-grandson, who's 10. In the interview with the step-mother and stepson, they talked about how the relationship between them was rocky at first, but had improved over the years. The stepson had gotten over his resentment of his stepmother by the time his children were born, so the children's relationship with her as their step-grandmother was no different than their relationship with their biological grandparents. Arthur Kornhaber talked about how it is the adults' responsibility to foster a loving relationship between step-grandparents and step-grandchildren and Florence agreed with him in her closing comments to Weekend Today anchor Soledad O'Brien.
    (Description by Kristin Johanson)
  • Tonight on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' the contestant in the hot-seat got to the Million Dollar Question. He found himself with the following question: 'In the Brady Bunch what was Carol Brady's maiden name? (a) Martin, (b) Tyler, (c) Nelson, or (d) Franklin.'. Unfortunately, neither he nor his phone-a-friend knew the answer and he decided to walk-away with his $500,000. For those of you who don't know the correct answer - it's Tyler.
    (We here at Brady World certainly know the Brady Bunch is worth a million dollars).
  • Maureen and Susan have done an upcoming piece for ET Weekend Edition. The segment will include a tour of Paramount Studios and clips from the Home Movies. (More Details to Come on Airdate)
  • In honor of their 200th episode E! True Hollywood Story recaps their 15 most compelling stories, among them The Brady Bunch. See a clip from the show and learn what other stories made the Top 15.
  • Tails of the City - More than 125 artists, celebrities (including Florence) have donated their talents to creatively interpret Microsoft® mice for an art exhibition and charity auction benefiting Destination Foundation. Bid or vote for your favorite mice here or see them on display in San Francisco at microsoftSF at Metreon-A Sony Entertainment Center.
  • David Graf, the actor who played Sam the Butcher in the The Brady Bunch Movie has died of a heart attack at the age of 50.
  • In Headliners & Legends regarding Valerie Bertenelli there is a clip from One Day at a Time in which Christopher Knight appears.
  • The Sound of Music and Barry Williams have been nominated for the National Broadway Theatre Awards. Winners are chosen by the fans. To register to vote, visit Ballots will be sent out on or about April 1, 2001. Winners will be announced on May 21, 2001. Thanks for your support.
  • A picture of Eve Plumb wearing the infamous "black wig" appears in Glamour Magazine
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  • A new Brady Bunch lunchbox is on the market. Be sure to add it to your collection. The box can be purchased at CJI Collectibles. for $16.95.
  • Interview with Barry appears in the May, 2001 issue of Metal Rules Magazine Cost is $5 and can be pre-purchased through their website.
  • Chris Knight has done an interview at Brady Talks about his experience on the Brady Variety Hour and how much he enjoys singing and dancing.
  • Florence was named one of the "Gutsiest Women" of 2000 by Jane magazine. There is a very small picture of her and a short quote from a fan in the magazine. She won in the "Gutsiest Comeback" category. (Page 108 - Feb, 2001 issue)
    (Source of News: Kristen Johanson)
  • Maureen will be filming another episode of The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon. (More Details to Come)
  • Maureen has also filmed the movie The Man from Elysian Fields. She has a very small role.
  • Maureen has finished filming a cameo in the upcoming movie Jane White is Sick and Twisted. More details to come
    (Not recommended for young viewers)
  • An article/interview about Barry appears at on December 21, 2000.
  • Susan appeared on an episode of VH1's - The List (Best Diva). (Watch tv-listings for future airing).
  • Florence will be in the holiday issue of the "Abercrombie and Fitch" catalog. There will be photos, and possibly a short interview.
  • Barry will be a guest on Internet Insider with David Radin on December 2. The interview with him will air in 2 parts on that weekend's show. Barry talks candidly about his website, his appearance in "The Sound of Music", and more! Listeners can find out about Barry's encounter with the cybersquatting issue. And he even tells what the Brady kids might be doing with computers today!
  • New Book - TV Sets: Fantasy Blueprints of Classic TV Homes includes the Bradys' home. Purchase Here.
  • New Book: Former Child Star by Joal Ryan has a brief mention of The Brady Bunch and specifically Barry Williams. More details about the book at E! Online
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  • In USA Weekend - Who's News (11/18/00) Florence's current projects are mentioned.
  • Florence battles bone loss. Article in USA Today - November 14, 2000 edition.
  • Florence Henderson gets into the holiday spirit helping to decorate a Christmas tree at the Grand Army Plaza in New York, along with Marion Ross and Barbara Billingsley. See Photo
  • In TV Guide (Nov. 18th - Nov 24th) there is a picture of Florence in the Monday Listings for King of Queens.
  • Florence has done an interview in Yakima, Washington with a Rodeo Grandma. The segment will be on a future "Today Show". (More Details to come.)
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  • The Brady Bunch Hour Website has interviewed Geri Reischl, who played Jan in the Brady Variety Hour.
  • In the Buffy and Angel Official Yearbook magazine their is an article about Eve and Maureen. Two pictures accompany the article.
    (Source of News: Lennon Parker)
  • Pamelyn Ferdin in her pursuit of animal rights now faces a possibly 30 days in jail. Her case is currently under appeal. (More Deatils)
  • Starting in 2001 Pamelyn will begin a speaking touring in the hopes of educating people to the inhumane treatment of circus animals.
    (Tip by Douglas Rand)
  • Maureen has recently filmed a television spot for Martha Quinn on the Bryant Gumbel Early Show on CBS. It will be airing WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 4, 2000 out in the LA Area at the 8:00am - 8:30am time, check the time in your local areas. She will be using her new Bernini Sewing Machine in her sewing class setting and would like to encourage all of the seamstresses and crafters out there of the fun and enjoymnent in being creative.
  • Maureen will have one of the lead roles in a new murder-mystery movie, Title to Murder which will be going directly to home-video. Filming begins next week. (More details to come)
  • More details about Florence's upcoming role as spokesperson for
    You will be able to see her on their website when it is launched later this Fall, along with in national commercials and promotions.
  • Susan Olsen is no longer with Comedy World. Now that her initial contract is up she has decided to move on to a myriad of other projects and to seek other opportunities (more details to come). She had a great time at Comedy World with both co-hosts with whom she had a chance to work.
  • Florence hopes to do a variety of things, including a segment called 'Forever Young', which addresses the population age 50 and over when she joins the Today show in October.
    Read full article and details.

  • Florence Henderson is also the spokesperson for The Lakes Of Melbourne.
  • List of all the books, videos and seminars produced by Florence's husband, John G. Kappas, Ph.D. regarding hypnotherpy. Many of the seminar videos are hosted by Florence.
  • Chris Knight in Oct/Sept ADDitude magazine about his experiences with ADD. ADDitude is a new periodical dedicated to information about ADD, ADHD and all other related dysfunctions.
    Sample from Article
  • Christopher Knight is the new spokesperson for The American Association (ACA) Healthy Skin, Healthy Outlook 2000 awareness campaign. ACA is the worlds largest private, non-profit organization for professional counselors. The Healthy Skin, Healthy Outlook 2000 awareness campaign is dedicated to educating teenagers and their parents/guardians about the true causes of acne and encouraging them to seek appropriate medical treatment.
    (More Details to Come)
  • Interview with Marty Krofft creator of Brady Bunch Variety Hour at
    He briefly describes what it was like working on the show.
  • Eve Plumb is in southern Georgia working on production of a movie called Man Fast. She is playing a college professor who comes up with an idea of an experiment of giving up men. The movie centers around a group of young women in a rock band who to raise money take on the experiment to give up men for a period of time. The film is expected to debute at Film Festivals next year. The producer, Chris Eber, expects the film to be ready in time for the Sundance Festival next year.
    (Will keep everyone posted as more information and details are learned)
  • When the Today show expands to three hours on Oct. 2, Florence Henderson will contribute to the third hour of the show. That hour will concentrate on lighter topics like fashion, cooking, celebs, and music.
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  •, a site aimed at the over 50 crowd that's set to launch this fall signed Florence Henderson as Spokesperson
    More Details
  • New book on The Brady Bunch to be published in November, 2000 - Brady Bunch Files by Lauren Johnson.
    (If anyone has additional information on this book, please contact Brady World)
  • Later Today has officially been canceled. The last air-date is August 11th. However, Florence Henderson is being considered, not confirmed, for spots in the new third hour of the Today show, starting in the Fall. Source of News: Newell Branin, Jr.
  • Maureen McCormick has just finished taping an episode of The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon.
    (More Details to Come as to airdate)
  • The Brady Bunch is among the nominees for 'Best Old Rerun' in the 1st Annual Daytime TV Awards Nominees. Voting for the awards can be accessed at
  • Ann B. Davis (Alice) nominated by Biography Magazine for Favorite TV Character. Article appeared in June issue. Though voting has passed, winner will be announced in the September, 2000 issue.
  • Interview with Susan Olsen at Healthtalk Interactive regarding her migraines and the treatment that exists today.
    (Interview is from September, 1999)
  • VH-1 Where Are They Now about Kid Stars airs July 4th 9:00am and 6:00pm EST. The show mentions Robbie Rist, Christopher Knight and Michael Lookinland.
  • Barry Williams performs at a Lupus charity event in Orlando Florida.
  • Chris Knight and his company Eskapelabs is mentioned in the new issue of Yahoo Internet Life (July 2000 issue), page 135 - picture included.
  • Barry will be on Friday, June 23rd 9:00pm - 12:00am PST (midnight-3am EST) - (Dan & Scott Show)
  • Description of Maureen's character on Passions: Cunning and manipulative, Rebecca wants money, money, and more money. Apparently being the wife of one of Harmony's richest men isn't enough for her -- she wants her daughter to one day control the Crane empire! One of her first scenes is a fight with the Cranes push-over housekeeper Pilar
  • TV Insider does interview with Maureen McCormick regarding her joining NBC's Passions. She also discusses her views on all the recent Brady Bunch documentaries.
  • Eskape Labs (Chris Knight is the VP of Marketing) will also be attending MacWorld NY 2000 in New York July 18-21, 2000 at the Jacobs K Javits Center. You can see demonstrations of their new products.
  • Soap Opera Digest announces Maureen's coming to NBC's Passions
  • If you missed the Brady IKEA commercials, here is your opportunity.
    Takes a few minutes to load. Source of info: - Thanks!
  • Transcript from Barry's online chat May 16th at
  • AP News review of Growing Up Brady by Ted Antony
  • feature on Growing Up Brady, interview with Barry.
  • Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor (Marcia from the Brady Bunch motion pictures) tied the knot.
  • USA Today regarding Growing Up Brady and Fox's mini-movie (5/16/2000 issue)
    Also Vote for your favorite 70's sitcom.
  • Just Wild About Barry by Hartriono B. Sastrowardoyo - May 11, 2000. Review of Barry's appearance at Strand Theatre
  • NBC has made a website about Growing Up Brady. It includes, photos, video clips, cast information and more....
  • Carol Brady named runner-up in's 'Fictional Mother's Poll'. Source of News and share your own Vote
  • Lisa Wilcox will portray Florence Henderson/Carol Brady in Fox's mini-movie
    Source - Variety Magazine
  • Little mention in TVGuide (April 29 - May 5 issue) on page 31. Mentions that Growing Up Brady and Fox's mini-movie are coming in May. (picture included)
  • Maureen McCormick is mentioned in the Where Are They Now of the April issue of Biography Magazine (Paul Newman on cover).
  • See Florence in the May issue of Lady's Home Journal. It's on the bottom of p. 12.
    Source of news
  • See more pictures of Carly Schroeder (aka Cindy Brady) in Growing Up Brady at her Fan Club Page
    Thanks Christopher Mulcahy for the tip
  • Now available - a combo set of an autographed copy of Growing Up Brady book and The Return of Johnny Bravo (not autographed). Can be purchased at Barry Williams' Official Homepage. Cost is only $25.00 per set.
  • Hear an interview that Barry did with from April 18th under the Kramer and Johnson show.
  • Complete cast information and pictures about Growing Up Brady - the movie. Also a Q&A with Barry Williams.
  • Davy Jones is on 'Talk of the Town' on network NC5 in Nashville, TN - today (4/14/00 12:30 CST) talking about his new book and The Brady Bunch
    Source of News -
  • Variety Magazine reports on the movie 'Growing Up Brady' and the new movie on FOX - 'The Brady Bunch, The Final Years' or pick up the issue (April 14, 2000) at your local newsstand.
  • NBC releases a Press Notice regarding the movie Growing Up Brady. Also found at
  • TVLand's 2000 Best Things About Television - According to their site The Brady Bunch made the list in refernce to: "The iconic nine-square open, the theme song, four episodes, two great moments, and for actors Robert Reed, Ann B. Davis and Florence Henderson. But of the cast of "characters" only Jan Brady made the list."
  • In Soap Opera Update (April 11, 2000 - Sharon & Nick from Y&R on cover) has article about Carly Schroeder (Cindy) and Growing Up Brady
    Source of News - Beth
  • In the current issue of ABC Soaps magazine (March 21, 2000 Luke & Laura on cover) there is a two page article about Carly Schroeder (Cindy - Growing Up Brady), along with several photos from the new movie.
  • Maureen McCormick has been ranked #43 out of 50 for best hair styles of the last 3 decades for the style she wore during the early years of The Brady Bunch.
  • Archived story from Ultimate TV regarding the movie Growing Up Brady (12/06/99)
  • Teen Angel starring Maureen McCormick is now airing in Australia - Monday - Friday at 3pm on channel 7.
  • Full Cast photo at the Official Barry Williams Homepage from the Growing Up Brady movie.
    (More photos coming soon)
  • Wall Street Journal will be doing an article on Christpher Knight. The article is expected to appear in the February 21st issue in the "Breakaway" section.
  • In TV Guide (issue 1/29-2/4), article about Jonathan Taylor Thomas. The article briefly mentions how he played Greg's son in 1990 The Bradys.
  • Entertainment Weekly (January 21st issue) has an item about the new movie Growing Up Brady page 47.
    See photos at Barry Williams' site.
  • Classic TV has ranked The Brady Bunch #16 in their Top 100 Television Show of All Time.